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Installing and Activating License

Neuron is an open source project. We encourage our community to develop their own pluggable modules.

Core framework, dashboard and a few plugin modules such as modbus-tcp, mqtt and eKuiper are open source under LGPLv3 license. Neuron may run with these open source modules without an EMQ license. But all other commercial plugin modules require an official EMQ license to run without limitation.

A trial EMQ license can be download from our official website. All available modules could be used with limitation on 100 connections and 1000 data tags for 15 days. If trial EMQ license is expired, you can apply the trial EMQ license via our official website again. However, a mailbox can only apply for a trial license up to two times.

Of course, you can also directly contact us to obtain the official license.


When you applies for trial License from official website, you must use hardware token to bind the equipment.

You can contact us directly to apply for a License that does not require hardware token to bind the equipment.

Step 1 Check the hardware token

Click System Information -> About to view the hardware logo and copy it.

Step 2 Apply for license

Go to the official website and fill in relevant information to apply for the license. The license will be sent to your mailbox.

Step 3 Install License

To install a license, as shown below.


  • Click License from the System Information drop-down box in the upper-right corner.
  • Click Upload button to select the license file and then submit.


When applying for a valid license, you need to fill in the hardware token.

The pluggable modules of the commercial version cannot be used when the license has not been uploaded or the license has expired.

Users can apply for a trial license from official website by clicking Apply, or contact our sales representatives to purchase a commercial license by clicking Contact us.

Step 4 Check over the License details

After the license is successfully installed, it will display the license information.

The license page details includes following items.

Effective dataTime when Neuron applied for License to take effect
Expire dateIf the license has expired, the system would not work correctly anymore. Users must obtain a new valid license from official website, Re-upload the new license as procedure above
Limit on the maximum number of nodesThe maximum number of connection nodes that Neuron can create, a node can be either a southbound device or a northbound application
Limit on the maximum number of tagsThe maximum number of total data tags that Neuron can create
Enabled PluginsList of all the authorized pluggable modules for this license.Each commercial plugin module can be authorized independently in EMQ license