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IEC 60870-5-103 is part of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60870 family, which is a set of communication protocol standards for power system automation. More specifically, IEC 60870-5-103 defines the data exchange standard between protection devices and control devices.

This standard is designed for communication between protection and control devices that require higher protection and control. It supports real-time monitoring and control of field devices. This makes it suitable for interconnecting protection devices, achieving fast and reliable communication in automation and protection systems. For example, protection and control devices in substation automation and distributed control systems may use this protocol for communication.

Neuron supports fetching data from devices using I/II level user data.

Add a Node

In Configuration -> Southbound Devices, click Add Device to create a device node. Enter the device name and select the plugin as IEC 60870-5-103 to start the plugin.

Device Configuration

On the Southbound Devices page, click the device card/device column to enter the device configuration page and fill in the device configuration information.

Physical LinkSerial or Ethernet
I/II Interrogation IntervalInterval of sending I/II interrogation(s)
TimeoutSend/Recv timeout
IP Addressdevice's IPv4 address
Portdevice's port
DeviceSerial device path
StopStop Bits
Baud RateBaud rate
DataData Bits

Configure Data Groups and Tags

After adding and configuring the plugin, to establish communication between the device and Neuron, you need to add groups and tags to the Southbound driver.

After completing the device configuration, on the Southbound Devices page, click the device card/device column to enter the Group List page. Click Create to create a group, set the group name and collection interval. After creating the group, click the group name to enter the Tag List page, and add the device points that need to be collected, including the point address, point attribute, data type, etc.

Data Types

  • UINT8
  • INT8
  • UINT16
  • INT16

Address Format



In the IEC60870-5-103 protocol, CA (Common Address) refers to the common address, which is used to identify a specific information point address. Each type of information has a fixed range in the information object address space.


In the IEC60870-5-103 protocol, FUNC (Function) refers to the function code, which is used to identify the function code of a specific information point.


In the IEC60870-5-103 protocol, NUM (Number) refers to the information point number, which is used to identify the number of a specific information point.

Supported IEC60870-5-103 Type ID

  • Time-Tagged Message
  • Single-Point Information
  • Measurands I
  • Time-Tagged Measurands with relative time
  • Identification
  • Measurands II


1.1.2CA is 1, FUN is 1, NUM is 2
1.10.1CA is 1, FUN is 10, NUM is 1