# Introduction

Neuron is an industrial application that can run on all kinds of IoT ultra-low resource hardware, supporting access to dozens of industrial protocols and converting to MQTT protocol to access the cloud-based IIoT platform, access to multiple devices or applications with various protocols simultaneously. Neuron provides a SQL-based stream processing rule engine to execute AI/ML logic. Make it to be a lightweight and powerful edge server, becoming the leader of the same product in the current market.

  • Multiple Industrial Protocols: Supports many protocols and devices such as Modbus, OPCUA, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, IEC104 and BACnet;
  • Management web console: users can perform visual configuration in the browser to achieve cross-industrial equipment data access;
  • Northbound standard MQTT data transmission: according to the user-specified configuration, the data is sent to the specified MQTT message server;
  • Southbound driver connection: Neuron send control commands to the device and get back data.
  • Stream processing engine: Combined with the rule engine function provided by EMQ X Kuiper, it can quickly realize streaming SQL rule-based device control;
  • Local data storage: realizing the storage and viewing of the original data of the device in local database;

The following are the technical details for Neuron

# Installation and Quick-Started

  • Installation:Download and installation procedures for different operating systems.

  • QuickStarted:3 minutes Neuron Docker tutorial, Neuron reads data from the Modbus TCP simulator and displays the raw data in the management console.

# Admin console

  • Neuron provides a web-based management console interface, through which the user can visualize the configuration in the browser.

# Driver List and Instructions

  • DriverList:a list of common drivers and related configuration information.