# About the documentation

The Neuron documentation is composed of a few major sections:

  • Introduction: This section provides an overview of what Neuron is, a list of features, and how Neuron benefits to IIoT or Industry 4.0.
  • Getting Started: Get started quickly with Neuron by installing native package or using docker.
  • Data Processing Engine: How to setup data streaming engine and make streaming SQL for processing the data collected by Neuron.
  • Console Management: How to setup Neuron management settings in details.
  • Module Plugins: This section provides an overview of all available modules and the detailed parameters and address settings for configuration.
  • Architecture: This section describes more details about Neuron architecture.
  • Integrations: This section describes how Neuron integrated with other applications and cloud platforms.
  • Use Cases: This section describes use cases of Neuron in details.
  • Reference: Neuron MQTT topic and payload and HTTP API detailed reference, and some errors when calling the API.