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Log Management

Download Logs

Neuron supports one-click download of all log filed on web pages in version 2.3, as shown below.


The log download function bundles the /neuron/build/logs folder into the neuron_logs.tar.gz file and downloads it to a web page. The file contains all the created driver and neuron log files. Directory-level examples of files are shown below.

  • data-stream-processing.log: data processing configuration;
  • dlt645.log: northbound application configuration;
  • modbus-plus-tcp.log: southbound application configuration;
  • neuron.log: log of Neuron.

Output Debug Log of Certain Node

Neuron supports the setting of printing debug logs of a node and automatically switching back to the default log level after approximately ten minutes. The Settings for each node are independent of each other.

Each node's more operation button has a DEBUG log operation button, as shown below.


When you click this button, a prompt like the one below appears.


In this case, the node starts to print debug logs. You can download the logs about ten minutes later to view the logs of the node, or view the logs under /build/logs.


When the node debug log is printed, the neuron log will also be printed, and the default log level will be automatically switched back after ten minutes.


Explanation of the log configuration file. In addition, there is also dev.conf, which is used for development debugging, printing logs, and outputting them to the terminal. When launching Neuron, add --log parameter to call dev.conf


file perms = 666


simple = "%d [%V] %f:%L %m%n"


*.*     "./logs/%c.log", 50MB * 1 ~ "./logs/%c.#2s.log"; simple

The configuration file is divided into three sections: [global], [formats], [rules].


file perms: specify the default access permissions when creating a file.

  • 600: only the owner has read and write permissions.
  • 644: only the owner has read and write permissions, while group users and other users have only read permissions.
  • 700: only the owner has read, write and execute permissions.
  • 755: the owner has read, write and execute permissions, while group users and other users have only read and execute permissions.
  • 711: the owner has read, write and execute permissions, while group users and other users have only execute permissions.
  • 666: all users have read and write permissions for the file.
  • 777: all users have read, write and execute permissions.


Conversion format string: Conversion format string is similar to C's printf function. It is possible to customize the format of the logs. The method is as follows: specify the name of the format with format_name, replace 'your format' with your own custom format, which should be enclosed in quotes.

format_name = "your format"
  • %d, print the log time;
  • %V, log level, in uppercase;
  • %f, source code file name;
  • %L, source code line number;
  • %m, user log, the log entered by the user from the zlog function;
  • %n, newline character.


Rules describe how logs are filtered, formatted, and outputted. Grammar:

(category).(level) (output),(options, optional); (format name, optional)


Classification levels.

SummaryConfiguration file rule classificationMatching code classificationNon-matching code classification
*Match all*.*aa,aa_bb,aa_cc,yy ...NONE
Categories ending with _ match the current and subcategories.aa_.*aa, aa_bb, aa_cc, aa_bb_ccxx, yy
Categories not ending with _ match the exact category name.aa.*aaaa_bb, aa_cc, aa_bb_cc
!Match categories with no rules found.!.*xxaa


zlog has six default levels: "DEBUG", "INFO", "NOTICE", "WARN", "ERROR", "FATAL". For example, *.DEBUG means any log level greater than or equal to DEBUG will be output.

*.*All levels
*.debugCode internal level >= debug
*.=debugCode internal level == debug
*.!debugCode internal level != debug

(output),(options, optional);

[output],[options, optional];

ActionOutput FieldAdditional Options
Standard output>stdoutN/A
Standard error output>stderrN/A
Syslog output>syslogSyslog facility (facility): LOG_USER (default), LOG_LOCAL [0-7] Required
Pipe output|catN/A
File"File path"File rotation, 10M * 3 ~ "press.#r.log". For example, "./logs/%c.log", 50MB * 1 ~ "./logs/%c.#2s.log" means rotate every 50M, #2s means the length of the serial number is at least 2 digits, starting from 00.
Synchronous IO file-"File path"N/A
User-defined output$name"path" is used for record output, dynamic or static.

For example, only output logs to syslog.


file perms = 666


simple = "%d [%V] %f:%L %m%n"


*.*    	>syslog, LOG_LOCAL0; simple

(format name, optional)

[format name, optional]