Neuron v2.6.0 Release Note

Sep 15, 2023


  • Driver SECS GEM HSMS
  • Driver KUKA Ethernet KRL TCP


  • PUT /api/v2/group: Supports modifying a group name.
  • POST /api/v2/template/instances: Instantiate multiple nodes at once based on a template.
  • POST /api/v2/subscribes: Subscribe to multiple groups.


  • Support configuration files in JSON format.
  • Support configuring startup parameters via environment variables.
  • Command-line support for the 'stop' command.
  • Optimized the data statistics page, adding tags total, last execution time, last error messages, last error messages timestamp.
  • Drivers
    • Support for modifying a group name.
    • OPC UA plugin supports asynchronous read and write.
    • BACnet/IP plugin supports reading and writing arbitrary objects, reading and writing arbitrary object properties, and handling messages containing routing frames.
    • Mitsubishi 3E, Beckhoff ADS, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Siemens S7 ISOTCP, Omron FINS TCP, OPC UA, BACnet/IP plugins support writing multiple tags at once.
    • IEC60870-5-104 plugin supports timely reporting of burst data.
    • IEC60870-5-104 plugin supports reporting tag timestamps and tag quality parsing.
    • Modbus supports the 'bytes' data type.
    • DLT645-2007 and DLT645-1997 plugins support updating tag values based on the response message address.
    • Siemens S7 ISOTCP plugin supports int8/uint8 data types.
    • Siemens S7 ISOTCP plugin performance optimization: when dealing with a large number of tags, it slows down the request rate to match the PLC processing performance.
  • APPs
    • MQTT plugin supports offline data reporting frequency control.
    • MQTT plugin appends a random string to the client_id, generating a random string of length 6.
    • MQTT and SparkPlugB plugins support writing multiple tags at once.
    • The monitor node supports configuring the client id.
    • Support for modifying subscription parameters for already subscribed groups.
    • Support for optional field data reporting.
    • Support for subscribing to multiple groups simultaneously.
  • License
    • License validation is performed when adding nodes or tags.
    • Driver validation is performed, when uploading a license.


  • In the South Devices / Group List page, add an icon for navigating to the Data Monitoring page.
  • Change the "Download Logs" to "Debug Files."
  • Data Statistics page now supports display in both Chinese and English.
  • Modify the data statistics icons.
  • Add pop-up notifications for a trial or expiring license.
  • Improve error codes when uploading a license.
  • Remove the configuration for "Client Private Key Password" in MQTT, SparkplugB and WebSocket plugins' SSL settings.