Neuron v2.5.2 Release Note

Jul 19, 2023


  • Fix the issue of read commands being sent for write-only data tags.
  • Fix the issue of the Siemens S7 ISOTCP plugin asserting when receiving unknown protocol packets.
  • Fix the timeout issue when calling the getting license API while there are too many data tags.
  • Fix the issue with incorrect UINT32 and INT32 data readings on certain devices for the Mitsubishi 1E plugin.
  • Fix the issue of sorting not being cancelled when switching from list view to card view in the UI southbound device/northbound application interface.
  • Optimize the issue of repetitive calls to page interfaces.


  • Nona 11 plugin supports connecting multiple devices to one node.
  • Mitsubishi 1E/3E plugin supports TCP/UDP transmission.
  • Optimize password error messages.