Neuron v2.2.0 Release Note

Sep 2, 2022


  • Add Beckhoff ADS driver
  • Add OPC DA driver
  • Add NON A11 driver
  • Add S7COMM for 300 driver
  • MQTT plugin supports caching data when offline.
  • QnA 3E plugin supports batch reading of tags.
  • RESTful plugin supports proxy http request.
  • MQTT plugin adds heartbeat msg and reports the status of all nodes.
  • MODBUS plugin supports int64/uint64/double.
  • Plugin stops, disconnect from the device.
  • Tag supports subscription, and data is uploaded only when the data changes.
  • Tag of type float/double supports configuration precision.


  • GET /api/v2/group get groups of all drivers.
  • GET /api/v2/node/state get status of all nodes.


  • UI: Improve the error message.
  • UI: Default topics for the mqtt plugin will be generated based on the node name.
  • UI: Use regular expressions to verify tag address.
  • The configured node will start automatically.
  • MQTT plugin configuration removes the client-id.