Neuron v1.0.1 Release Note

Nov 16, 2020

Neuron 1.0.1 Released

  1. Code consolidation
  • terminal is obsolete. remove all termainl code.

  • fix Dockerfile command problem.

  1. start up arguments handling
  • write_pid_file() move outside loop and modify remove_pid_file().

  • fix_orphan_process() replace checkupprocess().

  • add readlink() function to test symlink.

  • display the port no. in command line.

  • add switch '-a' for starting multiple instances.

  1. adjust all parameters' settings in channel setup.

  2. lws receive buffer use realloc().

  3. fix the absolute program location for deb/rpm package.

  4. generate global variable at the start of program.

  5. remove the neuronsrt and glvar files.

  6. redefinition the license details.