Neuron v1.1.0 更新日志


  1. Fix all driver's TTY parameters
  • remove ccs_timeout parameter in all TTY driver files.

  • add TIMEOUT and DLYCSCLOSE in TTY channel config parameter.

  • fix TTY cs_o_open() for driver and cs_n_open() for north serivce.

  1. Fix north communication service protocols selection list
  • extension.h will be changed to service.h.

  • fix plcaddress.c for including north service driver selection.

  • fix configsetup.c for checking in the north service parameters.

  • add simsrv service driver for startup or simulation.

  • add service.c for north service main() entry point.

  • abstract the north service driver for lws.c and pahomq.c.

  • add rs232 north TTY communication service with neuron protocol.

  • fix the process creation with starting prefix neuron_n for north service.

  • seperate functions in driver.h to ttyocom.h and ttyncom.h files.

  1. Expired date calculation come from BUILDDATE.
  • remove the #define EXPYEAR, EXPMONTH, EXPDAY.
  1. Remove elog_exit() only for malloc error.

  2. Add tcponet.c and tcpnnet.c for TCP driver.

  • fix all net driver to implement tcponet.c.
  1. Add level check for LOG_INFO and LOG_DEBUG in logging function log.h.

  2. In pahomq.c, move getadminpassword() into the beginning of msgarrv().

  3. Change all json message to unformatted json string.

  4. Remove debug and debuglog() in all drivers.

  5. Test the license to implement cumulative tag points if trail.

  6. Scripts engine modification for direct using Object & Attribute instead of short name.

  7. Fix the driver rdwordcs() and wrwordcs() word size mismatch problem in driver.c.

  • fix opcua driver memory problem using _ALLOC and destory ids member at the end.

  • fix all modbus drivers for reading bit position and area coding errors.

  • fix configuration when combining different type in one structure.

  • get those addresses from tag info in share memory and pass it to driver csread() and cswrite().

  • calculate the actual remain element instead of just using the varialbe size of tag.

  • remove the structure size limit in configuration setup process.

  • allocate enough memory for structure read/write request instead of fixed size array.

  • pass the data type and additional no. of address to driver csread() and cswrite().