# License Installation

# Step 1 Check the hardware token

In the About interface, check the hardware token, as shown in the following figure.


# Step 2 Install License

The commercial pluggable modules can only be used when a valid license has been installed. If the license has expired, user can apply for a valid license from official website (opens new window) and install it as shown below.


When applying for a valid license, you need to fill in the hardware token.

Users can apply for a trial license from official website by clicking on the Apply, or contact our sales representatives to purchase a commercial license by clicking on the Contact us.


To install a license,

  1. Click on the License from the System Information drop-down box in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click on the Upload button to select the license file and then submit.

# Step 3 Check over the License details

After the license is successfully installed, it will display the license information, as shown below.


The license page details includes following items.

  • Expire date, if the license has expired, the system would not work correctly anymore. Users must obtain a new valid license from official website, Re-upload the new license as procedure above.
  • Limit on the maximum number of nodes, The maximum number of connection nodes that Neuron can create, a node can be either a southbound device or a northbound application.
  • Limit on the maximum number of tags, The maximum number of total data tags that Neuron can create.
  • Enabled Plugins, List of all the authorized pluggable modules for this license.